Epoksi Bazlı Kimyasal Dübel - 300 ml Görseli

Epoxy Based – 300 ml

Two component, constituted resin and hardener, epoxy acrylate based chemical anchor system.




Fast curing,
Thioxotropik, don’t make flow.
Material is easily applicable with special gun.
Material color remains constant.

Curing Time

Temperature Using Time Curing Time
5 °C 25 min 2–3 hours
20 °C 6 min 1 hour
30 °C 4 min 30 min
35 °C 2 min 25 min

Tensile Load For Concrete 

Ore Diameter
Min. Perforation
Diameter (mm)
Hole Depth (mm) Min. Tensile Load (kN)
8 10 80 7
10 12 100 11
12 14 120 16

* Values for C35 Ribbed İron

300 ml (A+B) x 12 per box
Component A: Green
Component B: Grey or Black

Application Details

Product is used in shoot planting works for concrete and rock walls.
High load exposed to for anchorage and montage applications.

Shelf Life

The shelf life is 12 months at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.