3270 Studlock

Suitable for fasteners of 1″ (25 mm) in radius. (Transmission and engine block studs, valve sets, etc.) Offers high strength, at the same time does not require the use of extra nuts and welding. Anti-corrosion and anti-leak. Excellent performance on greasy surfaces. Can be used in the joining of vibrating machines and moving components.


  • Threadlockers lubricate the threads for proper installation and torque-stress ratio.
  • The strengths of the threadlockers can be selected according to the requirements of the place where they will be used. (High, medium, low strength)
  • Threadlockers reduce the risk of rupture and breakage and provide the required torque resistance.​
  • Threadlockers secure and seal the parts against potential corrosion and leaks.
  • High strength threadlockers can be disassembled with high temperature (250°C for 5 minutes).


Chemical Base Dimethylacrylate esther
Apperance Liquid
Specific gravity( 25oC) 1,1 g/cm³
Viscosity 400-600 mPas
Operating Temperature -54 oC to 200 oC

It is particularly suitable for uses including heavy duty applications, such as nuts onto studs in pump housings and studs into motor housings.
Ideal for fastener up to 1″ (25 mm) in diameter.