About Us

Sel Sealants is a Chemical and Automotive Chemicals manufacturer with a complete range of products and is based in Istanbul with its 2 production plants.

Silivri plant is based on total of 33.000 sqm, with a closed production area of 23.000 sqm; Corlu (the new Aerosol production plant) is based on total of 46.000 sqm, with a closed production area of 11.000 sqm.

Sel Sealants was established in 1991; Selsil is the main brand of the company. Sel Sealants is the largest manufacturer in the region and the “only” sealant company that produces and prints its own hdpe cartridges in the world. As of 2023, Sel Sealants exports to over 115 different countries and seven continents around the world including USA, Japan, India, Africa, South America, Europe, Thailand, Australia.

Sel Sealants invested and continues to invest into know-how and innovation. Our consistency in customer relations and customer satisfaction shows the seriousness of Sel Sealants in order to build a strong and harmonious bonding with our customers in the future.