Social Partners:
Onaranlar Kulübü and Selsil

We are a social partner of the Onaranlar Kulübü that develops creative projects intended to improve the dialogue between environment and humankind.

Selsil supports many projects implemented by the Onaranlar Kulübü for a more sustainable future, and discover together how our products could provide solutions for many needs in the creative industry.

Onaranlar Kulübü

Onaranlar Kulübü has been developing creative public projects featuring participation, inclusion and sustainability, and organises workshops and trainings to get their ever growing community to acquire 21st century skills.

If you want to have a look at their world, which is both fun and inspiring, and participate in the workshops and gatherings which we support, you can visit or follow them at Instagram.

Onaranlar ekibi

Selsil’s Power, Creativity of Onaranlar Kulübü

Street Installations, one of the signature projects of the club, are intended to improve the dialogue of people with the streets they live in. We give the Street Installations project a heartfelt support, and contribute to the project with our strong adhesives.