Selsil Emergency Rescue Tape

Selsil Emergency Rescue Tape

Selsil Emergency Rescu Tape can be easily applied on most surfaces
such as sinks, cooktops, braziers and barbecues, ovens, bathrooms,
tiles and ceramic, as well as outdoor furniture.

• Exceptional brilliance
• Removes the toughest stains such as lime, oil, mould.
• Contains cleaning particles of 100 percent natural origin.
• Ease of use & perfect result


Chemical Base Silicone
Appearance Tape
Application Temperature -54°C to 260°C
Tensile Strength 950 PSI

Apply some Selsil Emergency Rescue Tape on the stained and dirty surface and rub it with the help of a clean cloth. After sufficient rubbing, rinse away with water. Do not use on plastic parts, painted wood, and aluminium surfaces. Not suitable for use on varnished surfaces. Do not use the product to clean hands, face, and food. Do not use directly on hot surfaces. Do not exert excessive pressure on glass and ceramic surfaces as these could be scratched.

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