Selsil PAK Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste

Selsil PAK Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste ideal for cleaning all domestic and non-domestic surfaces. Perfectly clean. Removes grease and dirt. Detergent components of natural origin. Easy to use, with excellent results.

Thanks to its powerful formulation all stains and rust on pots, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, sinks, PVC, garden furniture, paints, boats, hobs will be gone in a minute.


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Packaging: 500 g

Category: Cleaners

Apply some Selsil Pak to the stained and dirty surface and rub with a clean cloth. Rinse with water after sufficient rubbing. Do not use on plastic parts, painted wood, and aluminium surfaces. Unsuitable for use on varnished surfaces. Do not use the product to clean hands, face, or food products. Do not apply directly to hot surfaces. Do not press too hard while applying to glass and ceramics to avoid scratches.

It is recommended to test it on an invisible area of the floor before application.