Stone and Brick Adhesive Foam

Selsil Stone and Brick Adhesive Foam is a one-component, polyurethane-based adhesive foam cured by atmospheric moisture. Specially designed with gel technology for building materials such as brick, stone, and concrete.
Technical Properties: One component. Cured by atmospheric moisture. Easy to use. Fast tack. Comes in the form of a non-expanding gel. More practical and better value than mortar-based alternatives. Resistant to all weather conditions.


Gun Grade
Chemical Base Polyurethane
Curing Mechanism Atmospheric Moisture
Tack Free Time 5-7 min. (AST C1622)
Cutting Time 15-30 min. (ASTM C1620)
Temperature Resistance (cured) -30°C to +80°C
Application Temperature 5°C to +35°C
Tensile Strength 10 MPa
Compression Strength 19,9 kPa
  • Moisten the application surfaces by spraying water.
  • Hold the tube vertically while applying.
  • Place the tube in the gun.
  • Use the trigger to adjust foam amount.
  • Apply the foam to the surfaces and press them firmly together to bond.
  • The foam should only be applied to horizontal surfaces.
  • Uncured foam can be removed by foam cleaner.
  • The foam can only be removed mechanically once cured.

Store in a dry and cool place at +5ºC/41ºF to +25ºC/86ºF, with packaging unopened.

Instruction for Application:
Shake the tube vigorously about 30 times before using.

Areas of Use:
Indoor/outdoor compatible. Used for bonding construction materials such as concrete, brick, stone.

Storage is 12 months when stored at temperatures between +5ºC/41ºF and +25°C/77ºF.